Some Weird Sin – Iggy Pop

25 06 2008

I wasn’t sure what cover song I was going to record this week and post here, because honestly it’s hard to find a song a week unless I go through a lot of my record collection or happen upon something randomly that feels right. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. “Some Weird Sin” is from the Iggy Pop album called Lust For Life.

I have had this album in my collection for a long while, but always preferred Iggy’s album The Idiot. That album has “Nightclubbing”, “China Girl”, “Sister Midnight” and a bunch of other great songs. It’s also a little bit more slick on the production end of things. Lust For Life is pretty raw and you get the feeling it was made really fast and on the fly.

That’s why “Some Weird Sin” made such an obvious choice for this week’s song, because most of what I’ve done here and literally everything I’ve released officially under the name All City Affairs has been pored over for long amounts of time to get all the details in place. I’m a big Bowie fan and he helped Iggy record and write both The Idiot and Lust For Life in 1977. He sings back up on the original version of “Some Weird Sin.”

I started the recording process of this song by sampling the intro to the song “Lust For Life”, the classic drum beat. I slowed it down a bit to match the tempo of “Some Weird Sin” because the drum parts are almost identical. Then I just laid down a bunch of dirty guitars and did some one take vocals. I was shooting for a more off the cuff cover this week and had a ball doing it.

Cheers, Peter – ACA




2 responses

27 06 2008
jon steinmeier

cool man! i love that you sampled the drums from another iggy track! it is all very nice and dirty. high energy. did you mess with other elements much? i don’t have the original.

3 12 2008

Nice, man! “Some Weird Sin” is one of my favorite Iggy tracks, and I think you really did the song justice. I like how you sampled “Lust for Life”, whose drumbeat is simply iconic. You also have a very cool voice which puts a nice spin on a classic.

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