Life’s What You Make It – Talk Talk

16 07 2008

So, it’s been two weeks since I posted here. Sorry for the delay, but I had lots of stuff going on. I was mastering my new album “Identity Theft” which will be out soon via all the glorious digital distributors and later on in the fall as a physical compact disc. Plus, my band Baby Teeth went to Benton Harbor, MI to record at Key Club recording studio. We’re working on our 3rd full length album which will be awesome when it’s done.

This week’s cover comes from Talk Talk’s album The Colour Of Spring from 1986. It’s called “Life’s What You Make It.” I downloaded this song from a blog about a year and a half ago and listened to it incessantly for a long time. I liked the repeating piano part a lot, but since I don’t have a piano at home I just made it into the bass line and substituted some of the piano playing on guitar. I went for a pretty close re-creation of the original, although nobody can imitate Mark Hollis’ voice too well. He’s got so much personality in his phrasing.

The whole Talk Talk catalog is really interesting if you have time to check it out. They range from very pop oriented 80’s dance music to mellow, sparse jazz arrangements with vocals. If you want to hear where Radiohead might have gotten some of their inspiration to step out of the box, check out the Talk Talk album Laughing Stock from 1991.

Best, Peter – ACA




One response

16 07 2008
david pavkovic

welcome back. the guitar is filled with ego. very unlike you. that was an interesting twist. keep em coming please.

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