Do You Love Me? – Kiss

7 08 2008

I think my first introduction to this song “Do You Love Me?” was a Kiss covers compilation that featured a lot of early 90’s grunge bands including Nirvana. I was a freak about Kurt Cobain in high school and I also liked the Melvins. The Melvins covered “Snowblind” and Nirvana covered “Do You Love Me?”

The Nirvana version is an almost total piss-take, because the song is about rock and roll extravagance and pretty much everything that the Seatlle grunge movement was trying not to be. I thought it was hillarious and the song pretty much sucks and does most everything Kiss put out, but still it has a catchy bridge and is fun in a doing-a-kegstand sort of way.

For me it was a chance to do some big guitar recording and try out an arena-esque drum sound. The lyrics don’t mean anything to me, mostly because I don’t live in L.A. and drive limos when I go to Taco Bell at 3am. Hope it’s fun for you to listen to. Oh, and check this out too!

Best, Peter – ACA




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