Kid J – Jay Z & Radiohead

8 09 2008

This might be the last post for a long time, or ever if I don’t get back to it. It’s been a lot of fun, but lately I haven’t gotten down to work on new covers. My new album Identity Theft is coming out via Lujo Records on Oct. 23rd. It’s going to be an all digital download release. That means it will be available on iTunes and all other major download sites on the internet.

What that also means is that it’s time to write and record new songs for the next album. It takes a long time to finish an album, so I’m getting to it right away. Not to mention that there is a new Baby Teeth album that is almost entirely done and will be mixed and mastered in the next couple months. That release will probably not be out until early 2009.

So, here’s the offering I have this week: mash-ups of Jay Z songs and Radiohead songs. I nicknamed it “Kid J.” It’s a play on Radiohead’s Kid A album from which two of these remixes cull. The Jay Z raps come from the classic Black Album. The other Radiohead sample comes from a B-side cut called “Talk Show Host” that appeared originally on the “Romeo and Juliet” soundtrack. Yes, the one starring Leo Dicaprio and Claire Danes. Enjoy!

Click the song titles to play:

Change Clothes/Kid A

Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Optimistic

Moment Of Clarity/Talk Show Host

Best, Peter – ACA




6 responses

8 09 2008
jon steinmeier

hey man, this is great. how do you get the tracks separated?

11 09 2008

that’s what i was wondering… how did you seperate the trax???

11 09 2008

also, how do i express my love/hatred for Jay-Z???

28 11 2008

anyway you can do paranoid android or national anthem? that would be sick!

28 11 2008

Can you do, I meant, typed too fast lol. is there anyway i can get this in mp3? thx, great mix. keep up the good work.

8 12 2008

Sorry for the serious lag in replying to any of these comments. I didn’t have to separate the Jay-z vocal at all, because when his “Black Album” came out there was a blitz of remixing jobs, like Danger Mouse’s “Grey Album” and others. Rocafella records released an acapella version of the whole album shortly thereafter.
For the Radiohead loops I just cut and pasted where I thought it sounded good and added some drum machine underneath for a little more oomph. All in all it took a long azz time because I did these a couple years ago before time stretching plug-ins were any good and I had to change the speed of the vocals to fit the loops I cut up. It was a bloody process.

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